📢 From Lab to Business – BioTech Bootcamp applications are now open! 🧬🔬

SmiLe Incubator

Calling all BioTech enthusiasts! 

The BioTech Industry needs you and your groundbreaking idea. 💡Apply for the BioTech Bootcamp run by SmiLe Incubator and BioM today!

The BioTech Bootcamp is for you when…

… you have a groundbreaking BioTech idea and want to make it a #business. 

… you want access to an extensive free and hybrid program. 

… you want one-on-one mentoring with experts in the field, such as Jan Alenfall, and Martina Kvist Reimer. 

… you want to listen to the speakers Samson Fung and Kristina Einarsson about specific BioTech business topics. 

… you want access to SmiLe Incubator, BioM Biotech Cluster, and Merck’s professional network. 

… you want to participate in two onside weeks in Sweden and Germany. 

… you want to pitch your idea in front of potential investors. 

🔝 On top, two participants in the program will win an award and a visit to the Merck M Lab™ Collaboration Center in Molsheim, France! 

👉 What are you waiting for? Apply now here: https://shorturl.at/bszH6