3 keys paved the way for successful audits at Larix

Aixial Sverige

Audits can be challenging. However, by being an active participant and engaging in the process, you stand a good chance to have a smooth audit.


Three keys paved the way toward Larix - a fullservice CRO - facilitating a successful and smooth audit – offering more value and limiting adjustments.


1.     An engaged team

Everyone on the team is set up for success by managing expectations, communicating requests and assigning work appropriately. There´s a buy-in from the team completing the work since the accountability is clear to everyone.


2.     Solid preparation

We clarify the requests before we start work. We don´t assume. We understand what is being requested. We confirm we understand if we´re unsure. And we´re not afraid to ask how something is applicable.


3.     Being in control of our processes

Perhaps it goes without saying but knowing and being in control of the processes is vital. Having all internal procedures in place is a great start to demonstrate the current internal control structure. As is having the supporting material and documentation. When a team is in control of this and communicates in the same way, it builds trust with the auditor.


Larix had an intense period of audits during the autumn. And this has led to an even more efficient team that have come together to swiftly address the auditor´s requests adequately.


What are your top keys for a smooth audit?