A new event co-operation to introduce research by CanFaster PhD’s

Medicon Village

In order to showcase life science projects manifesting research and entrepreneurship co-operation, Medicon Village have joined forces with CanFaster doctoral and post-doctoral programmes at the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Immunotechnology, LTH.

Starting on December 1 in Bistro Merge, a series of Science for Lunches hosted by CanFaster is planned. Focus at the first event is on how SpatialOmics enable deepened understanding of disease biology and treatment outcomes, which will be introduced by Sara Ek. “SpatialOmics@LU and the digital spatial profiling/GeoMx technology” will then be presented by Lina Olsson, followed by two translational projects with lessons learned; “Identification of therapeutic targets in B-cell lymphomas” by CanFaster PhD fellow Joana Rodrigues, and “Targeted spatial proteomic analysis of CD8+ T cells and myeloid cells in tonsillar cancer” by CanFaster postdoc fellow Can Altunbulakli.

Some of the projects presented at these Science for Lunches have received donations from “Mats Paulsson’s Foundation for Research, Innovation and Societal Development”, the public foundation owning Medicon Village.

CanFaster, an EU-MSCA-COFUND offspring of CREATE Health, is a five-year doctoral and a five-year post-doctoral programme focusing on educating young scientists on how to successfully combine cancer research with entrepreneurship, leading to increased awareness of how to faster forward the discoveries in cancer research, to speed up the time from discovery to change in clinical practice. More on the programme www.canfaster.se.

Click on the link for more information on the first Science for Lunch with CanFaster.

Pictured: Medicon Village’s Lottie Norrsén surrounded by CanFaster’s Jana Hagman and Sara Ek.