Amniotics and Professor Sandra Lindstedt gets SEK 4,8 million from Vinnova


In the research project funded by Vinnova, Amniotics and Professor Sandra Lindstedt at Skåne University Hospital will work together to build a platform to develop and test a new biological therapy using amniotic fluid-derived stem cells (PulmoStem™). The focus will be on applying stem cells to regenerate donor lungs making them suitable for transplantation, as well as studies into treatment post transplantation to increase engraftment of the transplants and reduce rates of Primary Graft Dysfunction (PGD). These studies will allow for roll-over into clinical trial.  

"By elucidating the mechanisms underlying stem cell treatment, we will build a strong knowledge base around this type of biological drug, expand on our understanding of the effectiveness of cell therapies for this patient population, and potentially uncover new biomarkers for PGD. We will work with both Amniotics and with the patient organization MOD to prepare for a clinical trial, ensuring future healthcare opportunities to receive this new biological drug,” says Professor Sandra Lindstedt at Skåne University Hospital.