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Stockholmsbolag rusar 500% – BörsRonden vecka 38

BioStock har arrangerat event i Stockholm – hör life science investeraren Thomas Eldered och BioStocks vd Jonas Söderström direkt från eventet! Vi tittar också på… Read More

Food Tech company Saveggy signs partnership to launch revolutionary plant-based coating replacing plastic on cucumbers

SmiLe company Saveggy has signed a partnership with, a producer organization for Swedish grown cucumbers and tomatoes, preparing for the commercial launch of Saveggy´s edible… Read More

A thriving hub for life science collaboration

Medicon Village continues to thrive as a vibrant hub for professionals, researchers, and innovators in the field of life science. With a remarkable surge in… Read More

FoodTech at SmiLe Incubator

Attention all FoodTech innovators – we have amazing news!   From now on, you have the opportunity to unleash the full potential of your FoodTech… Read More

Lundabolag rusar på slutrapport för fas I-studie – BörsRonden vecka 37

Vilket bolag studsar tillbaka efter närmare undersökning av fas II-resultaten? Vilket Lundabolag steg runt 150% på positiv slutrapport och blev veckans vinnare? Och hur slutade… Read More

Nordic Wellness Celebrates 1 Year at Medicon Village

On Monday, 18 September, Nordic Wellness celebrates one year since the grand opening at Medicon Village. Come by between 16:00-20:00 to… Read More

Surplus from Medicon Village is reinvested in academic research

Medicon Village is fully owned by the non-profit Mats Paulsson Foundation for Research, Innovation, and Societal Development. This sustainable ownership model means that the return… Read More

Bioteknikbolag rasar efter fas II-data – BörsRonden vecka 36

Vilket bioteknikbolag rasade efter fas II-data? Vilket svenskt bolag steg efter övertecknad emission? Veckans vinnare hittar vi återigen i Lund – vilket bolag är det… Read More

Massive Entertainment expands its collaboration with the local health-tech company Paindrainer AB

LUND, SWEDEN – Paindrainer AB and Malmö based gaming studio Massive Entertainment – a Ubisoft Studio, has been collaborating in the development of the evidence-based Paindrainer® app,… Read More

The SmiLe company Yazen Health raises 37 million SEK

The digital obesity clinic Yazen treats obesity by combining weight loss medication and lifestyle changes. With the capital from the rights issue, 37 million Swedish… Read More