Bringing Nobel laureates to Lund to endorse pharmacology

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With the ambition to raise the profile of Pharmacology as a cross-functional discipline in the 21st Century, and to provide a forum to facilitate collaborations across academia and industry, three prominent Adjunct/Guest Professors from Lund have organized the first Lund Spring Symposium. At this event in May 24-26, high profile international and local researchers will present state-of-the-art research centered around molecular therapeutics ranging from basic research to clinical applications.

The organizer Professor Lars Grundemar, Clinical Pharmacology, Lund University and AGB Pharma, decided together with Professor Mikael Dolsten, Lund University and Pfizer, and Professor Claes Wahlestedt, Lund University and University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, to gather high profile international and local researchers at a prestigious symposium in Lund to raise the profile of Pharmacology as a cross-functional discipline in the 21st Century, and to provide a forum to facilitate collaborations across academia and industry.

– This event is intended to reflect of the importance of combining basic research with clinical applications and entrepreneurship in successful development of novel therapeutic principles, says Lars Grundemar.

At this exclusive symposium for scientists and entrepreneurs, high profile international and local researchers will deliver front-line research presentations in an engaging and interactive forum to broaden the participant's horizons of cutting-edge science. A common denominator for all presenters is their inspirational and transforming research providing the basis for a number of therapeutic applications.

– International speakers having made ground-breaking discoveries include Nobel laureate Brian Kobilka, who received the chemistry prize in 2012, Robert Langer, co-founder of the pharmaceutical company Moderna, which developed one of the covid vaccines, and Drew Weissman, one of the researchers whose discoveries led to the pharmaceutical company Biontech's covid vaccine.

The three founders would like this symposium to become a recurring event. The inaugural symposium will be evaluated together with sponsors, members of the Program committee and other stakeholders, as decision basis for how to take this initiative further.

Another part of the program making this symposium special is the recognition of several scientific beacons with prominent awards:

  • Award for Special Achievement to Professor Craig Crews, Yale University, for his work on the use of targeted protein degradation has resulted in the development of the first PROTAC-drug candidates, ARV-110 and ARV-471, to treat cancer.
  • Bengt Samuelsson Award to Professor Brian Kobilka, Stanford University, for his work with the structure and activity of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR’s), in particular the determination of the β2-adrenergic receptor.
  • Distinguished Service Award to Professor Robert Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for his multifaceted contributions to medicine and biotechnology. Among them, controlled release system and transdermal delivery systems, and tissue engineering in regenerative medicine.
  • Sune Bergström Award to Professor Jude Samulski, University of North Carolina, for his pioneering work in gene therapy and adeno-associated virus vectors in the field of pharmacology and molecular virology.
  • Arvid Carlsson Award to Professor Sarah Tabrizi, University College London, for her work on mechanisms of cellular neurodegeneration. Especially Huntington's disease, its mechanistic pathobiology, biomarkers, and novel therapeutics.
  • Therapeutic Achievement Award to Professor Drew Weissman, University of Pennsylvania, for his contributions to RNA biology. His work was instrumental for the development of effective RNA-vaccines, the most well-known are those for treatment of COVID-19.

Members of the Program committee:

Lars Grundemar (Chairman), Clinical Pharmacology, Lund University 

Johan Albertson, Initiative Lund

Tomas Deierborg, Experimental Medical Science, Lund University

Anna-Karin Larsson-Callerfelt, Experimental Medical Science, Lund University

Thomas Laurell, Biomedical Engineering, Lund University

Fredrik Leeb-Lundberg, Experimental Medical Science, Lund University

Ulf Nilsson, Centre for Analysis and Synthesis, Lund University

Daniella Ottosson, Experimental Medical Science, Lund University

Björn Walse, SARomics Biostructures AB

Johan Wennerberg, Red Glead Discovery AB

Christine Widstrand, LU Holding, Lund University

The event is sponsored by AGB Pharma, The Royal Physiographic Society, Mats Paulsson's foundation for research, innovation and community building and MultiPark.

For more information on the symposium's program and to register: