Challenging your taste buds in Inspira day by day

Medicon Village

An ordinary workday, more than 400 guests enter Inspira for lunch. Some days the number even exceeds 700. The team facing the challenge of day by day serving great food to starving entrepreneurs, researchers and facilitators, is headed by chef Martin Jönsson Ahling, working close together with Erik Berne, CEO of Eatery Village and the person most people associate with catering and conferences at Inspira.

Before entering Inspira, Martin worked three years at Grand Hotel in Lund, where Erik served as Food & beverage manager for eleven years. Prior to that, he did service at Tareq Taylor’s fine dining restaurant Trappa ner in Malmö. With this in mind, it is of no surprise that he favours traditional husmanskost when asked about favourite dishes to both cook and eat.

– I learned the kitchen trade cooking according to French traditions, but also Swedish husmanskost. I still fancy this kind of food but keep getting more and more oriented towards the Asian way of eating, with fresh vegetables, hot spices and strong tastes.

A reason for this might be him in recent years having travelled in China, Malaysia and Thailand, enjoying the local cuisine, but also experiences he learned being a member of Skåne Kulinar, a regional team of chefs owned by Svenska kockars förening and taking part in international gastronomic competitions. Martin enjoyed the challenge of being part of this team for almost seven years, twice in the Olympics winning a bronze and a silver medal, and once in world championships winning a silver medal.

As a 43 year old married man and father of a 16 year old daughter, he is happy about nowadays working daytime in our science park, being able to spend more time with his family. Another benefit of working in Inspira is the contact with happy guests appreciating the quality and variation of the food he and his team put together.

– Me and my teammates do our best to surprise our guests with great food they not always expect, but really enjoy having. This everyday challenge of combining different types of food in four stations with their own profile, is what drives me, says chef Martin Jönsson Ahling, rushing on to prepare menus for another day at Medicon Villages most important meeting point Inspira.

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