Meetings and collaborations in an innovative life science environment

Medicon Village Science Park offers a unique growth environment
for over 150 organizations in life science.

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We use the term ‘Village’ both as a metaphor and to reinforce the community that is  Medicon Village Science Park. It’s all about proximity and bringing together diverse areas of life science. People may have  various specialities and different jobs but they all have life science as a common denominator. We believe that the greater the interaction between the various players, the more likely we are to see meaningful development and growth.

Live here

All the companies and organisations here are also members of Medicon Village. And just like any other membership, being part of our group has a number of benefits. Members not only share experiences and buy services off one another, they can also rent lab space, lab equipment and conference rooms, and participate in the many events that are held here.


The dynamism of Medicon Village comes from the fact that experts from different types of companies have the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and work together. The various organisations fit into one of the three legs of what is known as the Triple Helix: University, Government (Public Sector) and Industry. We also welcome non-profit and business organisations so long as they have a connection with life science.


Medicon Village encapsualtes the entire life science world – from prevention and diagnostics to treatment and care. We focus on creating a value chain from concept to support and development of a finished product or service. Our unique ecosystem gives small companies the advantages of the big ones. It gives them the chance to grow in a way that they may only have dreamed of.