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New offices at Medicon Village

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From 0 to 1,800 specialists in seven years

Just before the start of 2012, there was no ‘science’ and no ‘park’ on this campus. But there was 80,000 m2 of space that had been owned by AstraZeneca, the global, science-led biopharmaceutical business. Since then, Medicon Village Science Park has grown from zero to 140 companies employing 1,800 life science experts.

And to provide space for even more innovative ideas, fruitful co-operation and smart solutions, we are now extending the site, starting with a new purpose-built complex that will be ready in July 2019.

The new complex will be able to house around 600 experts ranging from one-person companies and small organisations to large companies.

A gateway into the whole Village

The new building will act as a gateway to the entire Medicon Village. The area outside will be a natural meeting place, just like a campus.

Meeting areas in the B2B-area

The ground floor will house the new main reception and various services for our members. There will also be space for other externally focused activities, which will help enliven the square and the building.

An arcade will provide protection from the elements and places to meet and hangout along the southern prospect of the building. 

A new place to meet

The new block is set to become the place to meet at Medicon Village. There will be an inspirational and meeting-friendly cafeteria/bar on the ground floor that’ll also be open to the general public.

On the first floor, we’re planning a Members’ Lounge – another meeting place for people working here. The floor will also have office space dedicated to single persons and small companies with both permanent and temporary workspaces.

Whatever suits your needs

The business-to-business environment will buzz with dynamism, activity and community feeling. It’ll be a perfect location for a CRO, service consultancy or similar company who can help others develop their products and services.

The open plan will contain fixed and flexible spaces and you can also rent your own private office, for single or multi occupancy. Whichever you choose, you will have access to conference rooms, the kitchen, cleaning services and more. As well as the lovely roof terrace.

A whole floor… or just your own part

The upper floors are designed for larger companies (between 10 and 100 employees). You can decide on the layout, even if you are sharing the floor with another company.

The principle for designing the space is simple. Once you’ve decided how many workstations or offices you need, we’ll put you in touch with our architects (or you can use your own) so that we can build to your specifications. The shared floors will also have basic labs for rent.

Whole floor: 2200 m2

Main reception in the new office complex
  • Medicon Village
    Seven floors
    Seven floors providing 17,000 square meters of space
  • Medicon Village
    Workstations in open plan
    Dynamism, activity and community feeling
  • Medicon Village
    Offices for one or more persons
    Your own private office for single or multi occupancy.
  • Medicon Village
    Conference and meeting rooms
    Conference and meeting rooms including lecture theatre
  • Medicon Village
    Main reception
    Medicon Village main reception on the ground floor
  • Medicon Village
    Inspirational cafeteria
    An inspirational and meeting-friendly cafeteria/bar on the ground floor
  • Medicon Village
    Members’ lounge
    The meeting place for people working at the science park
  • Medicon Village
    Dry lab
    Dry labs are available in the building
  • Medicon Village
    Service for member organisations
    Mail service, cleaning services, catering and more
  • Medicon Village
    Ready for occupancy 2019
    The first organisations move in July 2019.