The campus

Medicon Village is a meeting place where people can exchange ideas and grow. But working here also means you become part of something bigger, something that will have a benefitial effect on the world. It may be a new diagnostic or treatment method, a new service or product or an innovative way of preventing ill-health. That’s the real attraction of Medicon Village.

But there are also tangible attractions. Its proximity to other like-minded organisations for example. The high levels of service and the general ease of doing business. The fact that half or our 80,000 m² floor space is lab facilities. The campus is home to world-class research. You are neighbours with the BioMedical Centre (BMC), the European Spallation Source (ESS), the Max IV Laboratory and the regional teaching hospital, SUS. And not least, Medicon Village has great road and rail links, and Copenhagen airport is just across “The Bridge”.