Collaborations to spearhead scientific findings

Collaborations to spearhead scientific findings

The networking opportunities among fellow cancer researchers, such as those within the network CanFaster or the Cancer Seminars organized by Lund University Cancer Center, accelerate knowledge sharing. In addition to sharing knowledge, researchers and companies at Medicon Village also share technology. A cutting-edge technology recently arrived at Ramin Massoumi´s lab at Medicon Village. Now, the Lund University researcher invites others to use it too.

The technology, uncommon in Scandinavia, sheds light on cell activity in real time.

-We will host a seminar where those that are interested can learn more about this promising technology. And I invite others to use the equipment for their world leading science, says Ramin Massoumi, research team manager at the department of molecular tumor pathology at Lund University.

Ramin Massoumi speaks with engagement about the, so called, in vivo imaging system. It has many areas of application and can be used to for example visualise growth of cancer cells in real time or how cells travel in an organism. The equipment can also be used for diagnostics.

- Up until now we have not been able to use a similar technology, since it is very uncommon in Scandinavia, explains Ramin Massoumi.

Collaborations for cross-functional knowledge

Ramin Massoumi´s lab is situated close to the oncology clinic and Lund University department of immunotechnology, seated at Medicon Village. The latter has equipment, such as a masspectrometer, which he needs for his research.

- We collaborate with both of them. Additionally, we have companies around us with whom we have common projects to develop knowledge from academia and the companies, Ramin Massoumi points out.

These Medicon Village based companies include Cantargia, a biotech company that specialises in antibody-based cancer treatment, and NeuroVive, a leader in mitochondrial medicine. Mitochondrial medicine targets the mitochondria, the engine and energy source of cells.

- It has been very favourable to move to Medicon Village. For us this has meant, firstly, a deeper understanding of the scientific challenges, secondly, to address research into which we can now go in more depth, and, third, we have been lucky to get funding to continue with the projects, Ramin Massoumi points out.

Network as a driver for quality

Also Lars Rönnstrand, professor at Lund University and seated at Medicon Village, shares his experience on collaborating with other Lund University researchers – also they seated at Medicon Village. He mentions the Cancer Seminars organized by Lund University Cancer Center and the benefits he gains from networking with the participants, such as sharing knowledge on methods and discussing results.

- Personally, I think it is very important to go to conferences, but if the successful and highly skilled researchers come to us, then it is a great opportunity to meet with them. We invited a very successful researcher from Harvard University, who gave a lecture and met with others. That led to a fruitful collaboration, explains Lars Rönnstrand, professor at the division of translational cancer research and Lund stem cell center at Lund University.

Lars Rönnstrand is also involved in CanFaster - a network collaboration between academia and the clinic and/or industry. Overall, the different organisations in the network are seated at Medicon Village.

- CanFaster reached a very high quality on our recruitment of PhD students because of the network, Lars Rönnstrand points out.

He believes the Medicon Village community is beneficial also in other aspects and mentions LU Innovation. They support with business ideas and research findings that can be converted into innovations.

- It is good that part of LU Innovation is seated here. They had connections with a company that was interested in an antibody that we have developed. We licensed the antibody to them. Another company was interested in providing some of our cell lines commercially, so we arranged a deal with them through LU Innovation. That would never have happened if it wasn´t because of LU Innovation, says Lars Rönnstrand.

By Tanja Jensen, science writer

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