Experience The Spark

The Spark at Medicon Village

Experience The Spark

Our newest complex  and main building, The Spark, serves as much more than, offices and meeting rooms. It serves first and foremost to ignite opportunities – opportunities that spark up naturally as diverse experts cross experiences and ideas. It is a place to meet and talk, to co-operate and grow.

The Spark is that electrifying moment of inception – the intersection of idea, action and new creation. It is an environment where contact and connection are built into every space, every event, every moment – where passions are encouraged to burn bright. Here is an electric experience where new and unforeseen sparks are thrown off in the meeting of divergent elements. And anything is possible.

Natural intersections

The Spark also houses our main reception and acts as a natural intersection where people from all corners can cross paths as they come and go to Medicon Village. The Spark’s main square and building hosts both internal and external meetings and events, drawing in people of all backgrounds and expertise to enliven our whole campus and community. With around 600 experts – ranging from one-person companies and small organisations to large companies – now calling The Spark home, chances are high for that chance meeting that could change everything.

On the street level you also find our inspirational and meeting-friendly Bistro Merge which is also available to the general public.

The Spark lounge

Members lounge and the Business-to-business environment

On the first floor, you find the Members’ Lounge – another meeting place for people working here. On the same floor, and the floor above, you find our Business-to-business environment which offers office space dedicated to single persons and small companies and offers both permanent and temporary workspaces.

Whatever suits your needs

The business-to-business environment is buzzing with dynamism, activity and community feeling. It’s a perfect location for a CRO, service consultancy or similar company who can help others develop their products and services.

The open plan contain fixed and flexible spaces and you can also rent your own private office, for single or multi occupancy. Whichever you choose, you will have access to conference rooms, the kitchen, cleaning services and more. As well as the lovely roof terrace.

A whole floor… or just your own part

The upper floors are designed for larger companies (between 10 and 100 employees). The principle for designing the space is simple and is done in collaboration with us at Medicon Village.

  • Medicon Village
    Seven floors
    Seven floors providing 17,000 square meters of space
  • Medicon Village
    Workstations in open spaces
    Dynamism, activity and community feeling
  • Medicon Village
    Offices for one or more persons
    Your own private office for single or multi occupancy.
  • Medicon Village
    Conference and meeting rooms
    Conference and meeting rooms including lecture theatre
  • Medicon Village
    Main reception
    Medicon Village main reception on the ground floor
  • Medicon Village
    Inspirational cafeteria
    An inspirational and meeting-friendly cafeteria/bar on the ground floor
  • Medicon Village
    Members’ lounge
    The meeting place for people working at the science park
  • Medicon Village
    Service for member organisations
    Mail service, cleaning services, catering and more