We have over 65,000 sqm of laboratories at Medicon Village – from the simple to the advanced. They are suitable for a whole range of activities and meet all current standards including those covering ventilation, gases and other media. They include labs for chemistry and biochemistry, climate rooms, cell biology labs, clean rooms and pharmaceutical labs. There are also labs for pre-clinical testing, analysis and much more. We can also adapt a lab to your special needs. 

There is also a full support service for cleaning and maintenance routines and schedules such as autoclaving, washing up, various gases, dry ice, waste management and more. 

Lab Space - Medicon Village - Lund

Simple laboratories and technical areas

There are simpler laboratories as well as technical laboratories for electrical or mechanical operations with ample storage room for bits of equipment, chemicals, etc.

Advanced laboratories

We have a whole range of labs for different applications – chemistry and biochemistry, cell biology labs and clean room technology, climate rooms as well as areas for pharmaceutical and pre-clinical work. We can also adapt the spaces to your specific needs.

SmiLe Incubator

If you are a start-up company you can apply to move into the independent SmiLe Incubator. Here entrepreneurs and start-ups can get help to develop and commercialise their ideas. They’ll also get help and advice about business development, financing, recruitment and risk management.


For more information on our laboratories, please fill out our interest inquiery or contact:

Marjana Andersson