The future

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All about the future

At Medicon Village, it’s all about the future. About the products which don’t exist today. About methodologies and services still under development. About insights and opportunities. That’s what makes life science so vibrant. It’s what drives the 2200 people at Medicon Village where we are creating the opportunities for growth and progress.


Think of Medicon Village as a catalyst for the research and development that is going on here. We are constantly refining our ecosystem so that more people can meet and interact and turn concepts into a new company or a new product. 

New infrastructure

Visionsbild över nytt kontorshus på Medicon Village

Medicon Village has grown rapidly. There are now more than 2200 people working here in 150 different organisations and companies. We are in principle full. But the desire for researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs to work in this cross-border way is as strong as ever. That’s why we are planning to expand. We’ll be adding not just more offices and research facilities but also accommodation, open spaces, roads and more – in other words a completely new infrastructure.