Enjoy the benefits of a big company

Medicon Village is an interactive place where life science players can realize their ideas to benefit humanity. We stand for joint idea development, co-creation and collaboration that promotes life science. The idea behind Medicon Village is giving small companies the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of larger ones.


We are happy that you are interested in Medicon Village and becoming part of our community!
Right now there are many businesses who want to move in with us. We would like to know more about your business in order to provide the right information on how we can help in the best way.

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Move in with us?

Many want to move into Medicon Village and we are growing fast. At present, there are more than 2,800 people on site in 180 companies. You are always welcome to visit our community and take part in what is happening at the Medicon Village meeting place. Tell us a little more about your business, so we understand how we can help you become part of our environment!

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The ability to achieve more

Our idea is based on the Triple Helix. This means that we have members from academia, public sector and industry. We also welcome others, such as non-profit organisations and business associations. You will find companies along the entire scale, from researchers to innovators and entrepreneurs, from new startups to established companies. There are many inroads into our ecosystem, which creates opportunities for companies of all kinds to grow and reach their goals faster. Simply put, a higher gear.

Affärsmöte i loungen på Medicon Village
  • Medicon Village
    World-class research
    Right at the very heart of a world-renowned centre of learning and cluster of competency.
  • Medicon Village
    Free-standing incubator
    The SmiLe incubator helps start-ups to develop and commercialise ideas
  • Medicon Village
    Full infrastructure
    Benefit from the well-established life science-centred infrastructure
  • Medicon Village
    Business support
    A range of support services on site to help grow your business

A culture of sharing

When you move into Medicon Village, your business becomes part of something bigger – our unique innovation ecosystem. You will find everything you need here: Easy access to premises and services. Places to exchange ideas with others. The opportunity to collaborate with other members. And, of course, the advantage of becoming associated with the strong Medicon Village brand, which stands for world-class research and innovation.

Glada forskare


Our members have fantastic opportunities for competence sharing via network meetings, matchmaking with other relevant players to find new collaboration opportunities, and many other innovative meeting opportunities.

Those who have already moved in with us at Medicon Village share our view of the importance – and the benefits – of sharing knowledge and experiences. Together we create a sharing culture that is unique in the field of life science.

  • Medicon Village
    Benefit from being part of something bigger
    Enjoy the advantages of our strong Medicon Village brand
  • Medicon Village
    Seminars and events
    Great opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience within life science
  • Medicon Village
    Share instruments
    Access specialized equipment at SmiLe Incubator through Open Lab Skåne
  • Medicon Village
    Digital community
    Large and active intranet for members – The Village Inn
  • Medicon Village
    Make new contacts
    Strengthen your business through new collaboration opportunities
  • Medicon Village
    Maximise your flexibility
    Easy access to equipment and partners gives you an edge
  • Medicon Village
    Surround yourself with like-minded people
    Work in a positive knowledge cluster that promotes collaboration
  • Medicon Village
    Share premises
    Shared conference rooms, lounges and reception service

Our members are visible

For us, visibility is about so much more than signage and information boards. At Medicon Village, we promote each other's activities in many different channels, such as meetings and events, and our digital community or intranet, where members actively share news and experiences. News and planned activities that our members publish are strongly visible in our digital channels such as newsletters, information screens and social media. Together we lift each other.

  • Medicon Village
    Powerful digital channels
    News and stories are highlighted in a wide range of digital channels
  • Medicon Village
    Be seen
    Highly visible signage indoors and outdoors for our members
  • Medicon Village
    Information boards
    News and events posted on strategically located notice boards
  • Medicon Village
    Meetings and networking
    Give your business that turbo-charge effect through meetings and networking opportunities

Advanced lab room or a cup of coffee?

There are also day-to-day practical advantages of being a member. You get access to lab services and equipment, for example. As well as conference rooms, high level of security with perimiter protection, not to mention reception services, places to relax or keep fit, parking, and much more.

  • Medicon Village
    Access professional gym and fitness classes in high quality facillities
  • Medicon Village
    Restaurant, café and bistro
    Broad range of high-quality food and drinks
  • Medicon Village
    Fully serviced reception
    Three separate staffed reception areas
  • Medicon Village
    Security and protection
    High levels of protection and monitoring including entrance card systems and 24-hour security staff
  • Medicon Village
    Meeting Service
    The staff at Meeting Point helps you get the best out of your meetings
  • Medicon Village
    Post and deliveries
    Professional handling of mail and goods