Our concept

”People don´t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

(Simon Sinek, managementkonsult, författare)

Cross fertilisation promotes better health and better lives

The quotation above is one way of looking at marketing and business. We think it describes  Medicon Village pretty well in terms of our organisation and our members.

Our overarching mission is to provide a unique environment for life science by integrating research, innovation and industry under one roof, thereby helping to improve people’s health and lives, and creating value along the way. That’s what it’s really all about – medical advances for the good of mankind. And by providing the appropriate environment and support, we help to make this happen.

Creating the future in a networked environment

Everyone can help each other, share experiences and learn from each other. And this is one of the basic tenets of Medicon Village as a science park – a cluster with a concentration of competencies where the resultant synergy enables companies to develop faster than if they were working by themselves. We provide an open, innovation-rich environment that actively promotes wide-ranging cooperation between researchers and between large and small companies.

The village can be seen as a factory for the future housing the whole chain from research through innovation to commercialisation.

A holistic view

The field of life science is as broad as it is deep. Medicon Village and the 2200 colleagues in their more than 150 organisations adopt a holistic view involving every aspect of a human being – body and soul.

Medicon Village acts as both a platform and catalyst for its members but others can also contribute to and even benefit from the work that goes on here.

World-class research

With actors such as the European Spallation Source (ESS), the BioMedical Centre (BMC) and the Max IV Laboratory close by, Medicon Village is part of a unique cluster of research and development capability. 

The various organisations may differ in a number of ways. But they have many similarities. All have a clear mission to bring about change and improve the world we live in. They are all at the very top of their scientific and entrepreneurial fields. And all realise that “together we are stronger”.

The health chain and the value chain

The figure below gives an overview of Medicon Village. The main areas of interest are cancer, diabetes, respiratory and lung diseases as well as inflammatory diseases.

Medicon Village houses the entire health chain from prevention and diagnostics to treatment and care. And in practical terms it spans a broad spectrum from research, innovation and commercialisation, in other words, from concept through to realisation of a product, process or service.


Heath-chain and Value-chain at Medicon Village