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Medicon Village - part of the knowledge highway in Lund

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Part of a bigger cluster

For people working in life science, Medicon Village ticks all the right boxes. We are part of a greater cluster known as Medicon Valley. It includes a large number of life science companies in the Öresund region, which encompasses the southern Swedish county of Skåne as well as Copenhagen and its environs.

We are at the very heart of research and innovation in Lund and within walking or cycling distance of all the main players – including the university, the regional teaching hospital, the European Spallation Source (ESS), the MAX IV Laboratory and Ideon Science Park.

It is the third largest cluster for medical and bioengineering research in Europe and is home to 15 universities, 28 hospitals, 11 teaching hospitals and 400 life science companies. 

Close to everything

The region has a well-developed communications network. We are close to the motorway and Copenhagen’s main airport (Kastrup) is just half an hour away by train from the station in downtown Lund. The new tramline in Lund will also add to the travel options.