RGD recruites Head of Science and Sales

Red Glead Discovery AB (“RGD”), a drug discovery R&D company at Medicon Village, announce a recruitment to the RGD management team with Johan Wennerberg in the role as Head of Science and Sales starting from January 2020.

“With Johan’s combination of relevant professional experiences, large scientific network and, not least, his genuine knowledge and curiosity for science, we continue to strengthen the company strategically. We warmly welcome him to our team” says Johan Evenäs, CEO of RGD.

Johan Wennerberg brings 20 years of industrial drug development and business development experiences in a global context primarily obtained at Dupont Chemoswed (subsequently Magle Chemoswed) in Malmö where he held various positions 1998-2018 including Head of Chemistry 2006-18. Besides his industrial merits, Johan has a longstanding interest for basic sciences and science history. In that context, he is greatly appreciated for his skills as lecturer and author.

After completing his undergraduate studies at Umeå University, Johan received his PhD in organic chemistry 1997 at Lund University under the supervision of Professor Torbjörn Frejd. Johan Wennerberg also hold a position as Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry at Lund University.

Red Glead Discovery AB