Spirit of cooperation

Medicon Village is characterised by a culture of cooperation and economy sharing. Our aim is to bring together the various members of the Triple Helix structure so that they can work together through our innovation ecosystem and make the transition from concept to commercial product or service as efficient as possible. It’s all about contributing knowledge and experience that individual organisations may not have. It’s all about giving and taking and understanding the benefits that such an approach brings.

You can also help

There are three ways of contributing to and being part of the success here. If you’re not a member of Medicon Village, you can make a financial contribution or perhaps participate in an event or via our meeting places. All contributions, whether financial or in kind, are ultimately for the greater good.

The Mats Paulsson Foundation for Research, Innovation and Societal Development

Mats Paulsson’s foundation accepts donations (large or small) from private people, companies and other organisations. Help us to promote research into life science.

Read more about the foundation (in Swedish)

Become a supporting partner

We look for supporting partners who have social responsibility as part of their business model. Our partners support Medicon Village and the work being done here. They are all keen to see life science develop positively and in doing so, contribute to a healthier world and better lives.

Please get in touch so that we can discuss how we can work together.