Enabling greener life science SMEs

To promote research, innovation, and business development within the life science field, Medicon Village initiates, drives, and engages in initiatives and collaborations with partners, as prerequisites for growth and added value.

This is a seed money project aimed at providing more targeted and effective support to enable life science SMEs to integrate sustainability in a more comprehensive manner. The partner organizations will explore the current landscape, share best practices, and impart know-how related to offering appropriate business support (tools, methods, network, etc.) that can help startups and scale-ups within the life sciences better incorporate sustainability into their company’s business strategy and operations. This seed money project will also serve to investigate the potential for a longer-term project with the same theme.

The project is scheduled to run from April 2023 to July 2023 and is co-financed by the Interreg South Baltic Programme.

Project partners:

  • Medicon Village Innovation, Sweden
  • Nykoebing Falster Hospital, Denmark
  • Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin, Poland

For more information, contact: