Final sales at Idogen 7-8-9 June 0900-1700 each day for companies and private persons

Idogen at Medicon Village (building 402) in Lund has finals sales at 50-70% discount. 

Idogen are selling at very good prices (some giving away)

  • laboratory equipment (Zebra label instrument, NanoSpy loggers, Sonicator, -80⁰C Chest freezer, Fridge, Pipettes, Multipipettes, Pipette boys, EasySep magnets, LUNA cell counter, cryovials etc).
  • consumables (Cytokines, antibodies etc.)
  • laboratory coats various models
  • computers & screens (small to extra large), docking stations/cables etc.
  • printers and toners
  • office furniture (cabinets, chairs, tables, noise abatement) etc.

We are providing a list of what’s left. Please contact:

Program Manager

0723-86 84 58


070-60 00 850


070-374 71 56

Payment for companies with invoice (15 days payment) and private persons with swish.

With kind regards and welcome,