Findings from seminar on what needs to happen for precision medicine to benefit Skåne’s patients

Medicon Village

Attendance was great, as we together with Bayer and Roche arranged a high profile seminar on what needs to happen for precision medicine to benefit Skåne’s patients. 

If you’re interested in watching the seminar, please use this link:

If not, here are some key findings from the very competent panel in the area with people who are important in implementing precision medicine in Skåne:

  • Precision medicine involves genetics, environment, and lifestyle of a person in order to provide the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.
  • There is a stated ambition in Skåne to be a leader in precision medicine. Accordingly, the precision medicine centre is under construction and will be in place in Lund at the turn of this year. In parallel, a strategic plan for precision medicine is being developed. Both of these course of events are extremely positive for bringing about the implementation of precision medicine in Skåne.
  • The panel agreed on a joint effort being absolutely necessary to make this happen. Everyone needs to collaborate and contribute with their knowledge. This goes for pharmaceutical companies as well as labs, clinics and other healthcare providers and government bodies. Gathering strength together is needed and is the only way to succeed. We have to stop working in downpipes.
  • Also, the importance of being at the forefront was emphasized. A structural transformation is needed to drive research and development forward, so that patients have access to the right treatment. Even if there are small patient groups, testing is needed to find the individuals who benefit from treatment.

Participating speakers:

  • Anders Edsjö, Skåne University Hospital/Genomic Medicine Sweden
  • Anna Mannfalk, Region Skåne
  • Fredrik Hed, moderator
  • Jan-Olov Sandberg, Roche
  • Maria Landgren, Region Skåne
  • Ronny Öhman, Skåne University Hospital
  • Stefan Jovinge, Region Skåne

According to fellow organizers Bayer and Roche, the Medicon Village team handled the event “incredibly professional and good”. They state that they “can warmly recommend Medicon Village when arranging events” and that the venue “exceeded expectations”. They also stressed the fact that “it is extremely positive to arrange this type of scientific dialogues in a science park”. We’re happy about the response and look forward to many more high profile and other seminars to come.