Food Tech company Saveggy signs partnership to launch revolutionary plant-based coating replacing plastic on cucumbers

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SmiLe company Saveggy has signed a partnership with, a producer organization for Swedish grown cucumbers and tomatoes, preparing for the commercial launch of Saveggy´s edible plant-based coating replacing today´s fossil based plastic on cucumbers. provides all the large retailers in Sweden with fresh products and supplies some 90% of all the Swedish grown cucumbers.

The goal is a commercial launch in 2024 on the Swedish market.

Saveggy´s unique technology is inspired by nature, and it keeps natural freshness of fruit and vegetables. The innovation mimics this principle and creates a fully plant based, edible coating which extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, reduces food waste, and eliminates the need for plastic packaging. Saveggy´s coating extends shelf life 3 to 4 times.

The technology, with the potential to revolutionize the food and packaging industry in Europe, has been developed and validated in cooperation with large retailers such as Lidl Sweden and ICA. focuses mainly on greenhouse grown vegetables and places the highest standards on product quality and environmental impact.

With this partnership, Saveggy and will develop a production and packaging line along with an application technology tailored for coating cucumbers with the purpose of replacing the plastic wrapping. This project is supported by European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) through Agricultural European Innovation Partnership.

“We are very pleased to have signed this partnership. We have been working closely with and large retailers in developing and adapting our product to meet consumer expectations and we’re very excited to take this step towards the first commercial launch“, says Vahid Sohrabpour, co-founder and CEO of Saveggy.

”We believe that this partnership is timely; everyone needs to strive to contribute to reduced plastic consumption,” says Martin Löfstedt, CEO of SydGrönt.

”It’s an exciting and innovative project, and we see the potential in jointly offering a sustainable product to our consumers,” says Magnus Nilsson, CEO of Svenska Odlarlaget.


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Vahid Sohrabpour, Ph.D., CEO of Saveggy,


About Saveggy:

Saveggy is a biotech company, revolutionizing the food coating industry. The company´s sustainable plant-based, edible and vegan coating extends the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables and replaces today´s fossil-based plastic coatings.


About is a brand owned by the association of producer organizations APO Odlarna in `Växthus Helsingborg Ekonomisk Förening´ in Helsingborg. The association consists of the producer organizations SydGrönt Economic Association and Svenska Odlarlaget Economic Association. These two organizations, in turn, have members all over Sweden who deliver their production of vegetables, fruits, and berries to the associations. APO Odlarna operates within greenhouse cultivation of cucumbers and tomatoes. To deliver under the brand, producers need to be certified according to the IP Sigill Fruit and Vegetables standard.

Photo, from left: Magnus Nilsson, CEO of Svenska Odlarlaget, Vahid Sohrabpour, CEO and co-founder of Saveggy, Anette Ekstrand,, Martin Löfstedt, CEO of Sydgrönt, and Arash Fayyazi, co-founder of Saveggy.