Fostering experience sharing: Pharmacovigilance network

Medicon Village

Last Tuesday was the startpoint for the Pharmacovigilance (PV) network with 20 participants from across Skåne coming together to create value to one another. Given the significant interest in this network, Medicon Village, with the help of the steering group consisting of Johanna Strandell (Camurus), Nelly Fransén (Arex Advisor), and Anders Olsson (Hansa Biopharma), could not resist creating this meeting point for pharmacovigilance expertise and professionals. The network provides a forum where members actively exchange experiences and share expertise on pharmacovigilance-related issues from their daily assignments.

In this first meeting, attendees discussed potential topics for future sessions. Topics discussed in the meeting included audit strategies, key performance indicators, regulatory comparisons between MHRA, FDA, and EU standards, management of local representatives and subcontractors, social media oversight, AI applications in PV monitoring, risk management plans, GDPR compliance, and more.

Our professional networks focus on QA, RA (two subgroups; MedTech and Pharma), Medical Writing and Pharmacovigilance and if you are eligible then you can join the group by reaching out to the contact person.

More information on our professional networks is found on our website.