Gedea Biotech awarded ”Rapidus company of the year”

Medicon Village

Last Thursday, CEO Annette Säfholm at Gedea Biotech received the “Rapidus Company of the Year” award at the annual Rapidus party in Malmö, on behalf of the Gedea team at Medicon Village.

Gedea Biotech is a SmiLe alumnus company. According to SmiLe, the company ranked highest in strong competition with all of Skåne’s future hopefuls in fields ranging from technology to pharmaceuticals. Many highly successful companies have previously garnered this honor, including QlikTech and CellaVision.

The FemTech company expects to have a commercial product for women who suffer from vaginal infections within one year. The patented product, which is antibiotics-free and natural, will be used both to cure and prevent bacterial and fungal infections. It has shown striking results in the first clinical trial and is expected to meet a great need in the market.

Annette Säfholm is a bit overwhelmed by the award:

– We’re both happy and overwhelmed about this award! To have this kind of recognition spurs us to stretch our efforts even more, in order to deliver on our vision to help women to a better life. Our work on the first antibiotic-free treatment that both treats and prevents bacterial vaginosis is entering into a new phase, as we start the CE Marking Process parallel with a partnering process.