Humour at work boosts your productivity

Aixial Sverige

Building trust. Improving blood flow. And solving problems. These are some benefits of humour at work, where the release of four neural messengers paves the way to the feeling of happiness – Dopamine (D), Oxytocin (O), Serotonin (S) and Endorphine (E). So how do you boost your DOSE level to boost your productivity and well-being?


Humour at work is about making work fun. When we, for example, experience pleasure and anticipation our brain releases dopamine. Telling the team you have a nice surprise for them at your next meeting will boost dopamine levels.


When we experience fun together, the brain also releases oxytocin. Oxytocin encourages social bonding, which makes us feel closer to others.


Laughter releases serotonin in the brain and boosts your mood. It also regulates, for example, memory and learning. As a bonus, laughing also triggers a release of endorphins.


Endorphins trigger positive feelings and are released when you do something you enjoy, like laughing – especially in a social setting. They also trigger dopamine production (double win here).

To boost your daily DOSE and productivity, why don´t you start your next brainstorming with a fun video? This will make it 3.75 times more likely for the team to solve the problem.

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