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Inspira stands as the inherent gathering spot within Medicon Village, situated at Scheeletorget, just before the research park’s towering landmark, The Spark. Beyond hosting a health center and a diverse selection of appealing conference rooms, this establishment accommodates the research park’s restaurant and café. It’s a place where Medicon Village’s researchers and entrepreneurs, along with those from the surrounding area, convene to enjoy meals and engage in social interactions – from morning till late afternoon.

Restaurant Inspira

Discover Southern Sweden’s largest lunch restaurant, offering a delightful array of cold and hot dishes. Whenever possible, our culinary creations are crafted from ingredients sourced from dedicated local suppliers. For instance, our beef hails from Blentarp, our Scanian pig from Kristianstad, chicken from Bjäre, turkey from Ingelstad, and fish from a climate-conscious wholesaler in Helsingborg, all in alignment with environmentally-friendly practices. Our selection of vegetables is procured from local growers. Yet, we also embrace flavors from distant corners of the globe when the occasion calls for it. Our regular operating hours are 11:30 to 13:30 on weekdays.

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Café Inspira

Adjacent to the restaurant, you’ll find Café Inspira—a cozy spot offering an array of takeaway options, delectable pastries, and an espresso machine guaranteeing top-notch coffee. These amenities create the perfect environment for casual interactions, extending from the early hours till late afternoon. Whether it’s a casual meeting, a coffee rendezvous, breakfast, lunch, or simply unwinding with colleagues, Café Inspira provides an inspiring pause from the daily routine. Our regular opening hours are 08:00 to 16:00 on weekdays.

Bistro Merge

Our hidden gem, Bistro Merge, is located in The Spark next to our main reception. On the menu, you will find soup, grilled paninis, bagels, black coffee, espresso, along with biscotti and crispy croissants as add-ons. Bistro Merge is open 11:00 to 14:00 on weekdays.


Contact Restaurant & Café Inspira and/or Bistro Merge:
Phone: +46 46 275 60 31.