Medicon Village

Erik Krahbichler moved to Sweden from Germany for an internship ending university studies in electrical and biomedical engineering. Since 2006, he’s been running his own IP company Krahbichler Intellectual Property Advisors AB (KIPA), with 15 highly specialized IP professionals providing advice to the medical device industry from offices in Helsingborg and The Spark in Medicon Village.

– Two major trends drive the demand for our IP services. Firstly, it’s about an increasing investor interest in e-health, creating opportunities for Medtech entrepreneurs. Secondly, the number of applications to the European Patent Office from businesses based outside of Europe is steadily increasing, in particular for the medical device field and also due to Chinese applicants finding it increasingly difficult to register patents in the US.

As an outcome of the increasing demand for IP support, KIPA’s scope is emerging with clients involved in innovations in a variety of technologies, including alternative fuels, biotech, and chemistry. Together with partner Pär Hjalmarsson, European Patent Attorney with a background in atomic physics from Lund University, Erik Krahbichler looks forward to be part of the innovation environment in Lund from its new location at Medicon Village.

More on Erik Krahbichler: https://www.linkedin.com/in/krahbichler

More on KIPA: https://kipa.se