It’s time for “Science for Breakfast | Startup Edition”!

Medicon Village

Our Science for Breakfasts in The Spark attract more attendees by each Tuesday they take place. A normal number of guests is now 60, with more than a hundred this week breaking the record. As an extension of the event concept, we now introduce Startup Edition, a regular Science for Breakfast, but with four startups hosting as a way of making it possible for smaller companies to promote how they work and why.

We expect “Science for Breakfast Startup Edition” to take place like 4-8 times a year. If you’re interested in being a co-host of one of them, contact

On our first breakfast with this orientation, on March 28th, you will meet the following four hosts:

COLZYX: Healing wounds with molecules from our own body

Colzyx develops an advanced wound dressing with antimicrobial and cell proliferating properties.

Founder Matthias Mörgelin: “I’m excited to see the development of my scientific achievements growing into a useful product that can have a great impact on severe wounds and the patients’ quality of life”

DIAGONAL BIO: A two segment road forward

Diagonal Bio makes use of it’s patented technology in two different market segments; LAMPlify (in less regulated markets) and PANVIRAL (in-vitro diagnostic system for infectious diseases).

CEO Jack Egelund: “I’m really motivated by commercializing our patented technology.”

SPERMOSENS: Personalizing assisted reproduction treatments

Spermosens’ goal is to improve male fertility diagnostics and Assisted Reproduction treatments through the introduction of ground-breaking products.

CEO Ulrik Nilsson “I am strongly committed to Spermosens vision to improve the quality of life for all those living affected by infertility and involuntary childlessness.

PROLEVI: From foundation to market within 5 years

At Prolevi work towards helping patients with hypothyroidism, developing a thyroid hormone formulation that follows natural hormone release cycles (controlled release).

CEO Sahil Gupta: “I’m motivated by addressing an important women’s health issue of advancing better treatment of care among endocrinologists, general practitioners, and patient organisations.”


To register for the event, please visit the our event calendar.