IVRS AB selected as Industry Winners!


IVRS AB has been selected as industry winners 2022 by Branschvinnare, an achievement awarded to swedish companies who have reached exceedingly positive revenue and result changes during the year.

See what our CEO, Ramin Massoumi, had to say on the matter:

” Our mission has always been to bridge the gap between preclinical and clinical studies by offering flexible projects by using in vivo imaging, an approach that has been highly valued by our core market and customers. Our cutting-edge technology saves time and resources in any preclinical studies and data collection. ”

These are exciting times for the company, as IVRS is entering a phase where potential customers across wider demographic areas on a national and international scale has become of high interest.

Want to know how IVRS can assist you in your preclinical pipeline? Reach out to us on ramin.massoumi@ivrs.se for a cup of coffee!