Joining forces to reduce transport emissions

Medicon Village

As part of our sustainability efforts, Medicon Village will launch a pilot in May that will improve delivery efficiencies and thereby reduce unnecessary transportation. This is in line with Lund Municipality’s goal to reduce transport emissions by 90 % between 2010 and 2030.

Together with Red Glead Discovery, the pilot will involve organising joint deliveries of office supplies, which include IT products and consumables, and chemicals for laboratories.

– Transports account for a substantial part of our greenhouse gas emissions according to an analysis of Red Glead Discovery´s carbon footprint. The collaboration with Medicon Village plays in important role in supporting Red Glead Discovery’s ambition to reduce emissions, leading the way to a low-carbon future. We look forward to getting more businesses involved and collaborate in areas where we can achieve significant effects in a short time, says Martina Kvist Reimer, Vice president of Red Glead.

Today, deliveries of these kinds of goods to Medicon Village are made about 8-12 times each day. The pilot aims at reducing the number of deliveries to once a week for office supplies from fewer than about 20 suppliers, and by 70 % for chemicals for laboratories. We expect that this will result in reduced emissions thanks to a reduction of transportation both to our village, as well as within the site.

We understand the challenge of handling joint deliveries relating to chemicals for laboratories as demand may arise at short notice. At the same time, we see a great potential in collaborating as a community to improve delivery efficiencies, given that Medicon Village and many of our members use the same suppliers, such as Fischer and VWR.

Building on experiences from this pilot, the next step is to expand the effort to include deliveries of furniture, coffee, fruit baskets and more. It will also include working with suppliers with a sustainable approach, such as using fossil-free fuel when making deliveries.

– With 180 potential businesses behind us, we have a strong position when it comes to negotiating with suppliers. The more member organisations that join this initiative, the larger difference it can make both in terms of reducing emissions and lowering costs,” says Alexander Malmborg, project leader at Medicon Village.

If your business is interested in being a part of this pilot that will not only reduce emissions but provide potential volume discounts resulting from joint purchases, please contact