Marketing synergies and talent attraction for member’s business growth

Medicon Village

Great energy at our gathering last Thursday of marketers interested in the six life science events we are involved in for 2024, and in how we can act as members in cooperation within our science park framework to promote common brand building and business growth.

A science park should offer more to its members than physical facilities. An important part of this offering is promoting synergies to enhance the output and reach of each member and the science park itself. This year, two of our focus areas for achieving this are increasing our efforts to find marketing synergies together with our members and others, and making our public website the most natural job advertisement hub (without cost to advertisers or job seekers) in the region.

The first area, finding marketing synergies, is underway, starting with last week’s meeting. The next step is to form a group of engaged marketers eager to develop ways and means to realize this ambition. We expect our own stand at NLSDays in September to become a very visible outcome of these efforts.

Regarding the second area, talent attraction, as expressed in our job advertisement hub, we have had the option to post open positions at Village Inn for years. We recently decided to make posted positions visible also on our public website and to promote positions on our LinkedIn page with +10,800 followers. Starting last week, a post every Friday will summarise posts published during the week.

For more information on the events presented last Thursday by Jonas Söderström (BioStock) and Marjo Puumalainen (SwedenBIO), together with Medicon Village Innovation’s Lottie Norrsén and Mikael Lagerwall, please click on links where available (no link means web information is not yet available):

To learn more about marketing synergies and our talent attraction efforts (job advertisement hub, and more), stay tuned for further information!

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Pictured: Marjo Puumalainen, International Director, Program Director of NLSDays, SwedenBIO, Mikael Lagerwall, Director of Business Development at Medicon Village Innovation, Lottie Norrsén, Event & Project Manager at Medicon Village Innovation, and Jonas Söderström, CEO at BioStock.