Master of weighing boats

Medicon Village

More than 20 years ago, Tommy Pettersson developed the antistatic micro weighing boats in close cooperation with Astra Zeneca in Lund and Pharmacia. The rest, as they say, is history. 

– My father Tommy Pettersson founded this business to supply weighing equipment to pharmaceutical companies in Skåne. Today we act nationwide and reach international customers through distributors in Denmark, Norway, and Germany. We also have a network together with resellers in other countries across Europe and soon worldwide, says Christopher Pettersson, owner of Käglinge Vågtjänst since 2014. 

According to Christopher, there are four distinct trends within the professional weighing industry:  

  • today, weighing is more common than measuring the sample. Even in small amounts that are being multiplied.
  • when laboratories are built today, weighing-foundation requisites are part of the original plan developed in cooperation with laboratory interior decorating companies. Earlier, weighing-foundations were installed as the site was finished.
  • an ongoing industry consolidation reduces the number of suppliers.
  • digital orders are taking over, simplifying for both clients and suppliers.

Many of the installations made by Käglinge Vågtjänst at the former Astra Zeneca facility in Lund, now Medicon Village, are still in use. As a complement to supplying these traditional weighing tables and boats, Christopher Pettersson has added equipment like stat-pens and stat-fans to handle problems with static electricity, in a way to promote further growth.