Medical writing team strategy leads to first round approval

Aixial Sverige

An efficient publication strategy has lead to an expedited publication of a peer-reviewed research manuscript. The first draft was promptly accepted for publication with only 3½ weeks between submission and acceptance – significantly faster than the average time frame of 17 week.

Larix strategic medical writers draw on an efficient publication strategy. This is based on extensive experience with the peer-review and editorial processes – and strict adherence to the journal’s and other guidelines

Most journals have a specific ‘Guide for Authors’, but often there are additional relevant guidelines to follow and these depend on the type of research being communicated, for example CONSORT for randomized trials, STROBE for observational studies and PRISMA for systematic reviews and meta-analyses etc. Considering that these elements are commonly cited reasons for journal rejection, they are often underestimated in complexity and importance.

The expedited reporting and acceptance have lead to a quicker dissemination of important phase 4 clinical trial findings – something that can be critical in advancing the field of research.


Find the full case study HERE.