Medicon Village first sustainability verified science park

Medicon Village

Medicon Village was verified in May according to ISO 26000 and thus became the first science park in Sweden to verify its sustainability work.

Medicon Village is the largest purpose driven science park in Scandinavia focusing on life science, offering a dynamic environment where world-class research, innovation and societal development meet to benefit human health and society.

Sustainability issues characterize the entire operation – from the ownership via ”Mats Paulsson’s foundation for research, innovation and societal development”, whose surplus from the operation and the foundation’s capital goes back to research, to high ambitions to reduce the climate footprint through the development of a sharing economy between the operations at the plant and to reduce the energy use. Examples of Medicon Village’s sustainability work are the development of an innovative energy system and coordination of purchases to reduce transport to and from the area.

– Sustainability comes natural to us as a research park. The ISO 26000 verification is an important tool for us in our continued work with sustainability, says Erik Jagesten, CEO at Medicon Village Fastighets AB.

– Finding new sustainable solutions for the future is a matter of innovation and wanting to see opportunities. Here, our members have played an important role, both by helping us with proposals for measures and as drivers of change, says Petter Hartman, CEO at Medicon Village Innovation AB.

ISO 26000 is an international standard that focuses on the social responsibility of organizations. Sweden has decided to revise the standard to also include the UN’s global goals with a self-declaration. Through the verification, businesses’ sustainability work can be reported in a more transparent and reliable way.


Pictured: Petter Hartman, CEO at Medicon Village Innovation AB, and Erik Jagesten, CEO at Medicon Village Fastighets AB, in front of a part of the Ectogrid 5th generation district heating and cooling system installation.


For more information:

Erik Jagesten, CEO at Medicon Village Fastighets AB, +46 070 520 67 60

Petter Hartman, CEO at Medicon Village Innovation AB, +46 073 909 63 76