Medicon Village’s professional networks foster knowledge exchange and tackle industry challenges

Medicon Village

As this year draws to a close, we reflect on the profound impact of Medicon Village’s professional networks. These vibrant platforms for collaboration, learning, and growth in life sciences encompass various industry facets. Dedicated to Quality Assurance (QA), Regulatory Affairs (RA) in Pharma and MedTech, and Medical Writers, these networks foster knowledge exchange and tackle industry challenges. Through insightful events, they’ve deepened our understanding across diverse topics.

The QA Network hosted eleven engaging sessions, covering eQMS selection, ISO13485 alongside MDR and IVDR, audits/inspections management, Excel use in quality systems, risk assessment in Medical Devices and Pharma, and more. These discussions enhanced collective expertise and knowledge sharing.

“The QA-network offers a great opportunity for further development and new connections. I am impressed by the knowledge, energy, and engagement there is in the group and the openness to share and discuss around QA-topics,” says Nelly Fransén at Arex Advisor and contact person for the QA Network.

The Pharma and MedTech Regulatory Affairs sessions, nine and several gatherings respectively, explored Clinical Trial Regulation, ADCs, Regulatory Intelligence, Layman Summaries, Labeling intricacies, MDR challenges, UDI implementation, PMS complexities, and Conformity Assessment. These discussions prepared us for regulatory changes.

”I have taken part in the RA network for a year now. The network meetings have given me a lot! There have been interesting seminars, but above all the meetings are the perfect opportunity to discuss daily issues in a forum where everyone shares their own experiences and is eager to help,” says Charlotte Oom, Director at Cellavision and member of the RA MedTech Network.

The Medical Writers’ Forum delved into reporting guidelines, health economic estimations, and medical writing for medical devices across four sessions, enriching our skills.

We thank participants for their contributions and invite all life sciences professionals in Medicon Valley to join us. Your insights will further enrich these collaborative spaces. Let’s shape the future of life sciences together!

If you are interested in joining one of the professional networks at Medicon Village, please find more information and contact persons on our Professional Networks webpage.