Room for
Ground floor

The grand Auditorium at Medicon Village

  • Seating Style
    Fixed furniture: cinema seating with 140 armchairs and ten extra fixed seats. If necessary, the number of seats can be increased to a maximum of 180 by deploying extra chairs. If extra seats are desired, this must be announced well in advance of arrival.
  • Location
    The auditorium is located on the ground floor of the Inspira building with its own entrance near parking garage for easy access.
  • Refreshments
    Preordered refreschments will be placed outside the conference room.
  • Equipment
    The auditorium is fully equipped with projector, WiFi, microphones and speakers. You must bring your own computer.
  • Other
    Technician may be available throughout the meeting and can manage presentations from the technology room if so ordered. Side screens as well as a screen in the foyer available (for e.g. welcome greeting, program, WiFi password, etc.). Eduroam access. The premises includes the auditorium foyer, where there is space for e.g. small exhibitions, coffee, mingling and registration.

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