Room for
Ground floor
  • Seating Style
    Restaurant furniture for 60 p alt cinema seating for 80. The room is normally used for dining, but is very flexible. Refurnishing possible at an extra charge and must be notified well in advance of arrival.
  • Location
    Inspira, farther part of major dining area. Can be screened off with drapes from floor to ceiling.
  • Refreshments
    Preordered refreschments will be placed outside/inside the conference room.
  • Equipment
    170” LED screen. 2 headsets. 2 hand microphones. Fixed USB came-ra aimed at the stage for easier hybrid meetings (sound from micro-phones). Wireless image transfer between computer and screen alt HDMI cable. Speaker. 2 portable ear loops. Wifi. Stage 6 x 3 m. Eduroam access. You must bring your own computer.

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