Efficient waste management reduces emissions

Medicon Village

At Medicon Village, we do our utmost to support the transition to a more sustainable society, based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Agenda 2030. We have implemented a number of initiatives in various areas to strengthen our sustainability profile – everything from the implementation of next-generation energy solutions to efforts that promote climate-smart construction, attractive and flexible workplaces, and sustainable growth.

Recently, we have taken another step in our sustainability efforts, this time focusing on waste management. We have invested in another compactor to compress residual waste.

In 2022, approximately 180,000 kg of residual waste was produced at Medicon Village. As part of the work to reduce our science park’s total annual emissions by 90% during the period 2010-2030, we changed the way we handle this waste earlier this year on 1 March. We have taken over the waste management from Lunds Renhållningsverk, from which we previously purchased the service, and now transport the waste bins ourselves while we transport other packages and goods in the area. Instead of driving an empty vehicle back, we bring containers for waste along.

Containers are collected from the respective buildings’ waste rooms. These containers are then emptied into our new compactor located centrally in the village. The compactor compresses the garbage with a force of 30 tons, which significantly reduces the volume of the waste. The compactor can store 35 m3 worth of waste and only needs to be emptied about once a month.

In addition to reducing emissions with this new waste management process, it will also provide an annual saving of SEK 190,000. These are funds that we can instead reinvest in donations towards valuable research.

For more information on this, contact project manager Conny Jönsson (conny.jonsson@mediconvillage.se).