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Currently, over 2,800 individuals from 180 businesses call Medicon Village home. If you’re intrigued about becoming a tenant or exploring other opportunities with us, we invite you to complete our interest form!

Enjoy the benefits of a big company

A key focus of Medicon Village is empowering small enterprises to enjoy the perks usually reserved for larger entities. Together, we cultivate a collaborative culture that’s unparalleled in the realm of life sciences.

When you join Medicon Village, your business becomes an integral part of a larger whole – our distinctive innovation ecosystem. Whether you’re a life science researcher, entrepreneur, or facilitator, convenient access to facilities and services awaits, offering you a multitude of benefits.

We provide spaces and venues that facilitate the exchange of ideas and collaborations with like-minded peers. Our location offers exceptional opportunities for sharing knowledge, networking, and connecting with relevant stakeholders for new collaborative ventures—exemplifying innovative interactions.

Beyond conceptual advantages, there are practical conveniences that enhance your daily routine. These include access to laboratory services and equipment, cutting-edge conference facilities, top-tier security, adaptable IT infrastructure, staffed receptions, recreational areas, fitness facilities, and parking with electric vehicle charging stations, among many others.

By affiliating with the esteemed Medicon Village brand, you become part of world-class research and innovation in Lund – the city of innovation – and Medicon Valley, one of Europe’s most potent life science hubs.

This is our endeavor to present an encompassing overview of the substantial benefits that a Medicon Village membership holds in store for you:

First class life science research

Our focus revolves around harnessing synergies between world-class research institutions and businesses within our science park. Furthermore, we’re strategically positioned in close proximity to Skåne University Hospital and its Biomedical Centre, which specialize in experimental medical research with a strong clinical orientation, all within walking distance.

Strong innovation ecosystem

Lund is a city of innovation, with a major university. Ideon Science Park houses 400 businesses, and Max IV Laboratory delivers high-quality X-ray light for research in materials and life sciences to companies such as AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk, and others. Lund is also home to world-leading innovative companies like Baxter, Axis, Sony Ericsson, Alfa Laval, and Tetra Pak, which have been present for a long time.

Growth oriented atmosphere

Lund is expanding rapidly, with close to 130,000 residents expected to grow as the new city district of Brunnshög is developed. Brunnshög is located close to the European Spallation Source (ESS), which is currently under construction and set to house the world’s most powerful neutron source by 2027. Additionally, the Science Village area is evolving as a research hub for material science.

Attracting world leading companies

Recent examples of leading companies that have decided to move operations to Lund include military defense giant SAAB’s naval division Kockum, which is moving its headquarters to Lund. Additionally, world-leading oat drink manufacturer Oatly is establishing a new research and innovation center in the city.

Life science cluster

Choosing to locate with us means being part of both the largest science park in Scandinavia, which focuses on life sciences, and Medicon Valley, one of the strongest life science clusters in Europe.

Life science focused landlord

Our facility management is focused on creating the optimal environment for research and entrepreneurship in the field of life science. We tailor our spaces to meet your needs, including adaptations in terms of space, ventilation, security, IT infrastructure, heating, cooling, and more. We don’t just provide space; we ensure that all aspects of our facilities are aligned with your requirements.

Experienced incubator

SmiLe Incubator helps start-ups to develop and commercialise ideas.

Entire health chain

We house the entire healthcare chain, encompassing prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and care through three different clinics. This comprehensive setup creates a dynamic environment for your research.

Full infrastructure

Benefit from a well-established infrastructure centered around life sciences, including an animal house, laboratories with equipment available for rent, CROs (Contract Research Organizations) that are ready and capable of supporting research and growth, and much more.

Share instruments

Access specialized equipment at SmiLe Incubator through Open Lab Skåne.

Maximise your flexibility

Opportunity to gradually expand your space within our village.

Seminars and events

Be part of our vibrant community offering great opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing and social build-up.

Smooth travelling

Great road and rail links, with Copenhagen airport 45 min away by train, enables your smooth access to the rest of the world.

Share premises

Find shared conference rooms, lounges and reception service suitable to your needs.

Sustainability a hygiene factor

We strive to support the improvement of healthcare provision’s impact on the environment. Our sustainable ownership model, with a non-profit foundation as the sole owner, and having our sustainability initiatives verified, demonstrate our commitment to this cause.

Using energy efficiently

We take pride in hosting one of the world’s first installations of a 5th generation heating and cooling system, which significantly reduces our reliance on externally supplied energy within our science park.


Access professional gym and fitness classes in high quality facilities.

Fully serviced reception

Three separate staffed reception areas together offering service 24/7 365.

Meeting service

The staff at Meeting Point helps you get the best out of your meetings.

Restaurant and café

Broad range of high-quality food and drinks on site or for catering.

Security and protection

High levels of protection and monitoring including entrance card systems and 24-hour security staff.

Post and deliveries

Professional handling of mail and goods.

Redundant IT

Feel safe using our reduntant and flexible network for IT (and energy).

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