New digital care provider aimed exclusively at men

SmiLe Incubator

Vital-T is a digital service for medical treatment and wellness care for men over the age of 40 who suffer from overweight and symptoms that indicate testosterone deficiency. The company has started treating its first patients, who receive help from a team of doctors, psychologists, dieticians and personal trainers to strengthen health on every level, a concept that is not offered in healthcare today. Vital-T has been accepted to the SmiLe incubator program.

An estimated five percent of all men over the age of 40 suffer from testosterone deficiency. Testosterone levels naturally decrease with age, usually without causing problems. But for some men, testosterone production decreases at a faster pace. They may gain weight, start to experience worse results from exercise, believe their sex life is worse, and feel tired and depressed. These men, like men who suffer from overweight alone, can be successfully treated with lifestyle changes and, in some cases, even medication.

The Vital-T team keeps in touch with patients by video and chat using the company's app. In addition to medical analysis and medications if necessary, their diet is documented, they are given dietary advice, including recipes, and they receive exercise programs. The company, which was started last summer, is now treating its first patients. Its founders include physicians Magnus Nyhlén, who also founded digital healthcare provider Min Doktor, and Martin Carlsson, who previously founded the digital Blodtrycksdoktorn (the “Blood Pressure Doctor”), as well as Otto Bretz who is Chief Technical Officer and Fredrik Meurling, the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

“We target a very undertreated group that normally only receives medical treatment. In order to feel better, these men also need help with lifestyle changes, which we provide and which makes our offer unique. Although we are relatively experienced entrepreneurs, we need SmiLe’s coaching related to business models and commercialization as well as help with matters such as patent and intellectual property issues. We also look forward to being part of an environment with other startup companies and working in a medical context,” says Fredrik Meurling, CEO of Vital-T.

“Vital-T addresses a specific and often undertreated target group and offers them a total solution. Their offering, where different professions focus on the patient, meets a need in a growing market. It will be exciting to help them commercialize and scale up their business”, says Lina Boreson, COO at Smile Incubator.