Nygen Analytics launches revolutionary single-cell genomics service

SmiLe Incubator

SmiLe incubator-based company Nygen Analytics has recently launched a cloud-based software service, ScarfWeb, which makes it easy for researchers to analyze genomic data of individual cell types (single cells) from biological tissue.

Rapid developments in recent years have made single-cell genome sequencing a routinely used method in biotechnology and pharmaceutical labs. The technology is used to decipher the cell composition of complex tissues and identify new subtypes of cells. The most exciting phase of single-cell genomics is just starting as it finds applications in drug screening and discovery and cancer diagnosis. Single-cell genomics is now regarded as key to ushering in the precision medicine era in the near future.

Each single-cell genomics assay generates a vast quantity of data that are difficult to store, analyze and integrate with other data, as well as to share and publish. Successful analyses of these data remain critically dependent on specialized analytics skills that are scarce in today’s biotech sector, both in academia and industry.

Nygen’s revolutionary ScarfWeb software service is based on a patent-pending efficient use of computer memory capacity and unique AI algorithms. The developer is Parashar Dhapola, who founded the company together with Göran Karlsson, CEO of the company, both are researchers at Lund University. In contrast with today’s extensive need for advanced programming and large computer servers, by using ScarfWeb researchers can achieve meaningful results in a point-shoot manner and only using their laptops.

ScarfWeb is initially being made available to university research infrastructures for genome analysis, but the need for a simple tool is also great in hospital laboratories and within the pharmaceutical industry.

“With ScarfWeb, universities do not have to invest in expensive subscriptions and servers, at the same time, both the workload and lead times for data analysis are significantly reduced. We are thrilled to now have SmiLe’s help to develop the company and continue the commercialization of our first product, which will soon be followed by more cloud-based services” says Göran Karlsson, CEO of Nygen Analytics.

“Nygen’s trailblazing innovation will help raise genome sequencing to a new dimension while simplifying the work and reducing biological research costs. We are extremely pleased to be able to support yet another group of enthusiastic researchers from Lund University with the commercialization of their results,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator.

Currently ScarfWeb is free of charge for academic usage.

More information about Nygen Analytics: Nygen Analytics was founded by Göran Karlsson, CEO and Associate Professor in Molecular Hematology who also founded the Single Cell Initiative at Lund University, and Parashar Dhapola, Chief Technology Officer at Nygen and a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University. The funding comes from sources such as Fåhraeus Startup and Growth Fund and LU Innovation at Lund University. Nygen has been accepted into the SmiLe’s incubator program. https://nygen.io/#/scarfweb