Our professional networks keep growing

Medicon Village

Medicon Village is the prominent hub for research and entrepreneurship focusing on life science in southern Sweden. By facilitating cross-border collaborations, conditions are created for medical advances to give more people a healthier life.

As part of this ambition, we run four professional networks engaging more than 160 members. To promote knowledge exchange and networking between members, but also with friends without a firm foothold at Medicon Village.

- An important reason to be part of Medicon Village is the community, with its related opportunities for collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing. The vibrant professional networks provided by the village is the core essence of this community, offering recurring meetings focusing on different aspects of innovating and commercialising services and products within the life science sector, says Matilda Hugerth, Director of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at Amniotics.

The Medicon Village networks share a life science focus, but with different shapes and orientations; RA Network divided into the subgroups RA MedTech (medical equipment/combination product) and RA Pharmaceuticals, QA Network, Medical Writer Network and Administrative Network.

- The interest in our professional networks keeps growing, with a trend towards more network members having their professional foothold outside of our science park. This is positive and in line with our ambition to act as a natural hub for research and entrepreneurship focusing on life science in southern Sweden, says Lottie Norrsén, Event Manager and responsible for Medicon Village’s professional networks.

More information on our professional networks and how to become a member at https://www.mediconvillage.se/professional-networks-for-knowledge-sharing-and-networking.

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