A sustainable and circular ownership

Researcher at Medicon Village

When entrepreneur Mats Paulsson founded Medicon Village in 2012, it was with the purpose of forming a non-profit foundation called “Mats Paulsson’s Foundation for Research, Innovation, and Societal Development” as the owner. The idea behind both the Mats Paulsson Foundations and Medicon Village is to contribute to new projects focusing on important research and innovation that benefit people’s opportunities for a better life. The sustainable ownership model dictates that the return on capital, together with surpluses from the activities within Medicon Village, is reinvested in research.

In 2022, this foundation donated SEK 15.6 million to support research in medicine and other life sciences, with the goal of benefiting healthcare, development, innovation, and community building in Skåne County. The eight donation recipients work at Malmö University, Lund University, and Lund University of Technology. Since 2005, this foundation, along with two others created by Mats Paulsson, has donated a total of SEK 166 million to research.

Mats Paulsson’s foundations welcome both large and small donations from private individuals, companies, and organizations. For more information, please contact karin.peterson@matspaulssonstiftelserna.com.