PharmNovo reports promising preclinical results and has successfully completed the phase I study with PN6047


PharmNovo reports promising preclinical results on abuse potential and withdrawal symptom relief I their drug candidate PN6047, a new type of selective delta opioid receptor agonist. It is intended to provide safe and effective neuropathic pain relief without the adverse side effects of conventional opioids. Read the press release here

PharmNovo has also successfully completes phase I study with PN6047, with excellent execution by CTC in Uppsala. The headline results of the phase I study show that PN6047 is well tolerated when taken with food at all tested doses. The pharmacokinetics were found to be robust and predictable, making it suitable for three-times-daily administration. This dosing regimen is expected to provide an effective drug exposure level. Read the press release here and in Dagens Industri.

Finally, PharmNovo has signed an agreement with WCT, Wordwide Clinical Trials, to perform the upcoming phase IIa study in 2024, PharmNovo will investigate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, and efficacy of their drug candidate PN6047 for individuals affected by neuropathic pain and experiencing Mechanical Allodynia. This distressing symptom, caused by nerve injury, often disrupts daily life and sleep. Read the press release here

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