Reducing emissions in Lund Northeast

Medicon Village

Major players come together to reduce emissions in Lund Northeast, as Lunds kommun and 15 businesses have agreed to join forces regarding a joint climate work within sustainable transport and energy. Among the engaged are Lund University, Skånetrafiken, Alfa Laval, ESS, Wihlborgs Fastigheter and Medicon Village.

Lund Northeast, including Brunnshög, Ideon and Medicon Village, is one of Sweden's most workplace-dense areas. There is a lot of car traffic in the area, and for the sake of emissions and traffic capacity, the proportion of trips by bicycle, public transport and on foot needs to increase in order for the area to develop. An energy system facilitating easy sharing of energy is also needed, along with increasing the share of locally produced renewable electricity and avoiding power shortages so that electricity can be used for transport.

– We are many companies in the area with similar challenges. We can each make a difference, but together we can bring about long-term changes on a much larger scale, says Erik Jagesten, CEO of Medicon Village Fastighets AB.

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