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Currently, over 2,800 individuals from 180 businesses call Medicon Village home. If you’re intrigued about becoming a tenant or exploring other opportunities with us, we invite you to complete our interest form!

Discover your ideal office space in a vibrant environment shared with people who work in or support the life sciences.

Open-Plan Option

For small businesses seeking workspace, our newly designed open-plan area within the Business-to-Business building, The Spark, offers an appealing setting where you’ll collaborate with peers from the life sciences sector. Opting for this open-plan environment includes no additional charges for conference and meeting room usage. You’ll also enjoy the perks of a fully staffed reception, Wi-Fi, a central printer, and designated areas for impromptu meetings, all accompanied by complimentary coffee and tea.

Single offices

If privacy is a priority, we provide individual offices tailored for one or two occupants. You’ll receive the same comprehensive services as those in open-plan spaces.

Customizable Solutions

Should you require it, entire floors, portions of a floor, or even an entire wing can be exclusively yours. Our team will personalize the layout to match your specifications before your move-in.

SmiLe Incubator

Start-up companies have the option to apply for entry to the independent SmiLe Incubator. Within this space, entrepreneurs and start-ups receive comprehensive support in refining and commercializing their concepts. Guidance spans business development, financing, recruitment, and risk management, offering a comprehensive foundation for growth.

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