Scaling up life science in Skåne

To promote research, innovation, and business development within the life science field, Medicon Village initiates, drives, and engages in initiatives and collaborations with partners, as prerequisites for growth and added value.

SmiLe Incubator and Medicon Village in Lund will collaborate to offer a program tailored to the specific needs of innovative scale-ups in the life science field. Within the framework of this project, the program will be developed, tested, and validated through a pilot before its official launch. The primary objective of the program is to provide support to participating life science scale-ups in the Skåne-Blekinge region, assisting them in accelerating their growth and competitiveness. This support will be achieved by enhancing their knowledge and competence in areas that are particularly critical for companies in this developmental phase. These focal areas encompass access to capital, internationalization and export, organizational leadership, and the cultivation of sustainable processes and business models. The project will also formulate a comprehensive service package encompassing marketing, office services, and ideally dedicated physical spaces for innovative life science scale-ups.

This project is scheduled to run from October 2022 to January 2026 and receives co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund.

Project partners:

  • Medicon Village, Sweden
  • SmiLe Incubator, Sweden

For more information, contact: