Sharing is Caring! [Sustainability]

Vati of Sweden

A week ago I did a webinar to Kickstart Sustainability and I would like to do something I’ve never done before…

… to share the recordings and the PowerPoint that goes with it!

Usually, I charge quite a lot to do a webinar such as this one, so why would I share this one for free?

Because – this is my contribution to the world – to share my knowledge and expertise with as many people as possible on this planet. To inspire people to start to act. We need to act. Now!

Sustainability has accelerated in recent years in connection with Agenda 2030 (the UN’s sustainable development goals), climate change, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the war in Ukraine.

Large parts of the world are moving towards Sustainability and ESG. Countries like China, India, the United States, and Europe have realized that we need to change in order to preserve the planet we operate on. We saw this happen during COP26, and we can see it now with the war going on, which has also created momentum for major changes.

This creates increased expectations for all possible actors to be involved to create the world we want.

‘In other words,



I hope this webinar will spark some inspiration for you to Kickstart your Sustainability work!

Watch the recording and download the PowerPoint that goes with it, and take this chance to act on sustainability and get started!

Click this link!

As a favor – I would truly appreciate your feedback on the webinar!