Skåne’s innovation power in focus at Skåne Innovation Day 2023

Medicon Village

On Thursday 5 October, companies and representatives from the regional innovation support system gathered at Skåne Innovation Day 2023 to discuss strategies on how we can enhance our regional competitiveness. Medicon Village was prominently featured, demonstrating our support for our member companies, and emphasising the vital economic contributions of the life science sector to the region and to Sweden as a whole.

Skåne has a rich history of nurturing innovation and is highly ranked for its innovation and business capabilities. This is attributed to Skåne’s robust academic environments, cutting-edge research infrastructures, and a thriving community of innovative businesses.

Life science has also historically been a strong sector in the region, with Skåne being the birthplace to groundbreaking inventions within life science such as the artificial kidney, diagnostic ultrasound, and the nicotine replacement gum, Nicorette.

Skåne’s proximity to Denmark and its position within Medicon Valley, one of Europe’s largest life science clusters, further provides a significant advantage when attracting investments, capital, and talent to the region.

At Skåne Innovation Day 2023, held at Slagthuset in Malmö, companies and representatives from the regional innovation support system were invited to partake in a full-day program focused on how region’s innovation capacity could be enhanced further. The theme of the day, ”Investments in R&D,” highlighted the critical role that financing plays at various stages of a company’s development. Financial backing is vital not only at a company’s inception but also in increasing the profitability of companies through investments in, for example, streamlining manufacturing processes or fostering company growth.

Throughout the event, Skåne-based companies shared success stories on how they secured capital for sustained growth. In addition, representatives from the regional innovation support system, including incubators, cluster organisations, and science parks, showcased the diverse ways in which they assist businesses, entrepreneurs, and researchers.

Medicon Village was actively engaged during the event, promoting our open networks for knowledge sharing within the life science industry, as well as highlighting our participation in the Nordic mentorship program NOME and our efforts to attract investors to the region.

If you are interested to find out more about how Medicon Village can support your company’s growth journey, or if you would like to become part of Sweden’s largest science park focused on life science, we warmly invite you to contact us at